Education has increased in town Komárno and there was built new High schools, the colleges, and the university.

The students apartments offers accommodation for students from the High schools, the colleges, the University and CHEAP ACCOMMODATION FOR TOURISTS during the year. The flats are situated in an independent building with own back-yard, where is possibility to parking. The building has two apartments on the ground floor and offer accommodation for 18 students.


One of this Apartments is on the ground floor. There is two bed rooms, living room, kitchen, and bath room. In the attic flat are two specially rooms (large rooms) with common bath room. The all rooms has internet. The equipments are elementary suitable for students, in Apartments are as well as TV and fridge.

We offer cheaper accommodation for tourists, visiting the historical town Komárno in summer months.

The most interesting sight of the town is the Old Fortrees, as well as visiting diferent culturals and sports actions and events. During summer period, Thermal SPA in Komárno is very popular and as well as the Thermal Spa in neighbourhood Hungaryen town Komárom or in its neighbourhood Patince, Veľký Meder Čalovo.

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